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Conference calls for papers: 

Call for proposals: NSF announces a new program in smart and autonomous systems. 

IEEE Internet Computing call for papers: special issue on 5G.

IEEE Cloud Computing magazine calls for papers. Special issues on Middleware for Multicloud, Cloud-Native Applications, and Intelligence in the Cloud.

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Sentiment Analysis Big Data

Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data Using Big Data Processing Techniques

With the extensive growth in the use of online social media, huge amounts of social data is generated. How to process this large set of data efficiently, effectively, and in a suitable manner for the user is an important research topic. This The Clear Cloud blog post introduces sentiment analysis and the Hadoop Ecosystem. 

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electronic fingerprint

Cloud Manufacturing: Security, Privacy, and Forensic Concerns

Cloud computing benefits from widespread adoption in every sector of our society and economy, due in part to the promise of cost-effective and elastic provisioning of computing resources. Read more in this IEEE Cloud Computing article.

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IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine

IEEE Cloud Computing Sept Oct 2016 cover

September/October 2016

From the Editor in Chief: Microservices

In his EIC's message, Mazin Yousif introduces the columns and departments in this issue, which address various topics related to microservices—that is, programs with a single task (or unit of work) that also include all the connectivity to the outside world as well as the runtime requirements to run the task. Microservices are well-suited for the many complex applications currently being built, from enterprise to Web-scale applications. In particular, microservices work well for new types of applications such as the Internet of Things, where single-function sensors and actuators are deployed in the field.