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Cloud computing can be both enabler of new
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Welcome to the IEEE Cloud Computing Web Portal, a collaborative source for all things related to IEEE cloud computing. Included are its initiatives on cloud computing, access to articles, conferences, interoperability standards, educational materials, and latest innovations. It also serves as a "portal" to other cloud computing resources throughout the IEEE, and beyond.

Technology Spotlight

How software defined networking and cloud computing pave the way towards a digital society

How software defined networking and cloud computing pave the way towards a digital society

"Ultra-broadband network proliferation, advances in information technology and the evolution of endpoint devices have created the conditions for re-inventing telecommunications networks and services architectures."

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Technology Spotlight Archive

Feature Article

Cyber Security Fears: Joe Weinman

2015 Trend Watch: Cyber Security Fears and the Supply Chain Cloud

While the advantages of cloud-computing are becoming well known and ever more compelling, the move to the cloud may be stifled somewhat in 2015 due to concerns over cyber security. While cloud computing isn’t inherently more dangerous than on-site servers, the cloud does introduce unknowns, and with the severe stings received by Sony, Target, and JP Morgan last year, companies are skittish about unknowns.

Even so, ERP vendors are pushing the cloud. The shift will become irresistible for many manufacturers in 2015 in spite of cyber security concerns. The study, Manufacturing Trends to Watch, produced by Frost and Sullivan's Gil Manufacturing Leadership group, sees continued tension in 2015 between the need to move to the cloud and the fear of cyber attacks. This is the final article in a three-part series that examines developments in manufacturing that will play out in 2015.


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Feature Articles Archive


Convergence Technologies - David Alan Grier @ IEEE ICCE 2014

This is a short version of a talk given at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2014 or more accurately, the International Conference on Consumer Electronics which was in parallel with CES. It looks at a group of new consumer technologies and considers how they are changing social structures.

Education & Careers


eLearning Course: Cloud Computing Part I: Introduction

IEEE Xplore

This is the first in a series of three tutorials on cloud computing for individuals and organizations. In this introduction to cloud computing, Dr. Phillip Laplante reviews basic concepts, the NIST model for cloud infrastructure elements, cloud infrastructure from the consumer and producer views; basic issues in cloud security, cloud usage scenarios, and more.

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