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The April-June Cloud-Link special issue on cloudlets is now available. The issue features three free articles.

IEEE Micro discusses designs and presentations from the 2015 Hot Chips Symposium. New developments in silicon align with the trends of migration to mobile devices and cloud, growth of social media and multimedia, emergence of IoT, and continuation of Moore’s law.

The May/June issue of IEEE Internet Computing surveys topics and challenges surrounding cloud storage.


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Containers on the Ranch

The advantage of containers is well known, with Docker emerging as the de facto standard for containerization. The developer and IT communities have readily adopted Docker as a viable deployment option. However there is a need to have a complete container-management solution for deploying and managing next-generation applications and services. This The Clear Cloud blog looks at a promising open source offering called Rancher, a production-grade container-management solution.

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Understanding Complex Cloud Patterns

As the popularity of cloud computing increases, understanding these complex cloud architectures, how they work, and the value they're likely to bring becomes a fundamental challenge.

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IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine

Cloud Computing magazine March April 2016

March/April 2016 issue

This special issue looks at how the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought advancements to many technologies with the aim of getting everything connected and providing smart environments around the globe. However, scarce computational capabilities of smart devices bring security issues to the front.

Security and Dependability of Cloud-Assisted Internet of Things

The guest editors introduce the articles in this special issue, which provides a platform for academia and industry to share their contribution toward secure and dependable IoT in collaboration with resource-rich cloud infrastructure.

Managing Risk in a Cloud Ecosystem

Cutting-edge technology advancements and greater expertise enable cloud providers to offer state-of-the-art cloud ecosystems that are far more secure than those of consumers who manage their own systems. Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.