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Technology Spotlight
IT pros share their views on the cloud
How the USA Computing Olympiad makes use of cloud computing
Sekou Remy speaks with Brian Dean about the USA Computing Olympiad and its use of cloud computing.
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8 simple reasons you should migrate to cloud

8 Simple Reasons You Should Migrate to Cloud

In this blogpost from The Clear Cloud, Mike Miranda makes clear why cloud technology is too good for companies to pass up.
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IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine Articles

May/June 2015 issue availableCloud Computing Magazine

It seems that nearly every day brings new features and pricing models from established competitors; launch announcements from enterprise players; new entrants with new angles; and acquisition of cloud pure-plays by legacy players. IEEE Cloud Computing strives to eschew the technobabble for solid technology and trend analysis, focusing on technology, business, economics, and legal issues through dedicated columns and departments. The May/June 2015 issue features five articles covering topics ranging from context-aware mobile cloud computing, to the use of standards to leverage cloud security service-level agreements, to the intersection of containerization and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) clouds.

What's the Best Way to Purchase Cloud Services?

The economics of cloud service sales may be shifting now that the cloud has gained wider acceptance. Will consumers soon be able to buy on their own terms? Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.

Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing: Vision, Trends, and Challenges

Security concerns hamper the rapid deployment of cloud-based services on a large scale. Although many solutions exist, issues need to be properly addressed. Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.


Cloud Computing and Standardization - Joe Weinman at IEEE CLOUD 2012

Joe Weinman leads TelX's fast-growing cloud service business development and strategy. In this talk at the 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing, he presents his research and views on cloud computing and standardization before participating in a panel on cloud standards.

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Flip through IEEE Cloud Computing by Lee Stogner: Accelerating the development of cloud computing and the global cloud computing industry

The latest Cloud-Link is now available. Check out this special issue on cloud resource allocation.


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nternational Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom 2015) - See more at: http://www.computer.org/web/ieee-cloud-computing/publications/call-for-papers#sthash.J7oKBA2K.dpuf

Int'l Conf. on Big Data Intelligence and Computing call for papers

IEEE Int'l Conf. on Cloud Engineering (IC2E) call for papers--deadline extended