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The IEEE P2301 Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles Working Group announces a call to replace the current chair.

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The January-March issue of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing is offering a complementary article, "OverFlow: Multi-Site Aware Big Data Management for Scientific Workflows on Clouds." Read it here

The March/April CloudScape newsletter is available and features our new discussion series.

IEEE Internet Computing magazine's March/April Standards department presents "Toward a Standard Interface for Cloud Providers: The Container as the Narrow Waist." Click here to access or purchase. 

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Clear Cloud High Performance Big Data and Analytics

Building High-Performance Big Data and Analytics Systems

Big data and analytics systems are fast emerging as one of the critical system in an organization’s IT environment. But with such huge amount of data comes performance challenges. If big data systems cannot be used to make or forecast critical business decisions or provide insights into business values then these systems lose their relevance. This The Clear Cloud blogpost talks about some critical performance considerations and presents some techniques for use during different phases of a big data system. 

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Technology Spotlight

technology spotlight cloud enabled

Cloud Enabled: The Shift in Connectivity

Industry analyst and IEEE Computer Society Rock Stars of Risk-Based Security speaker Josh Greenbaum discusses the unprecedented surge in new business solutions technology and how this is creating a similar surge in how technology impacts our lives.

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Current Events

The 16th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid) takes place 16-19 May 2016 in Cartagena, Colombia.

The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft) takes place 6-10 June 2016 in Seoul, Korea.

The International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data (CloudCom-Asia) takes place 7-9 June 2016 in Hong Kong.

IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine

cloud computing magazine january february2016

IEEE Cloud Computing magazine January/February 2016 issue

The current trend toward hybrid clouds is based on the assumption that companies have specific architectures, application landscapes, and data that they won't move to public clouds. Many factors will determine a hybrid cloud's success, including its architecture and management infrastructure. The columns and departments in this issue focus on various hybrid cloud-related topics. Read more about this issue here.

EvacSys: A Cloud-Based Service for Emergency Evacuation

In the wake of natural disasters, EvacSys uses cloud computing to process large volumes of real-time sensory data and compute appropriate escape routes for evacuees. Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.

Managing Risk in a Cloud Ecosystem

Cutting-edge technology advancements and greater expertise enable cloud providers to offer state-of-the-art cloud ecosystems that are far more secure than those of consumers who manage their own systems. Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.

Call for Blog Writers

blog writersIEEE Cloud Computing is a key platform for researchers, academicians, and industry practitioners to share and exchange ideas regarding cloud computing technologies and services, as well as identify the emerging trends and research topics that are defining the future direction of cloud computing.

Come be part of this revolution as we invite posts for The Clear Cloud blog. Topics include but are not limited to the following: cloud deployment frameworks, cloud architecture, cloud native design patterns, testing services and frameworks, storage architectures, big data and analytics, Internet of Things, virtualization techniques, legacy modernization, security and compliance, iPaaS, pricing methodologies, service-oriented architectures, microservices, container technology, cloud computing’s impact and its trends shaping today’s business, and high availability and reliability.

A few guidelines for blog submission: a post should be between 500-2,000 words of original material and any figures must be your own or have permission granted from the image owner for use. Email Tarun Kumar Sukhu and Chris Miyachi with your blog post or for more information.