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Technology Spotlight
IT pros share their views on the cloud
How the USA Computing Olympiad makes use of cloud computing
Sekou Remy speaks with Brian Dean about the USA Computing Olympiad and its use of cloud computing.
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Datacloud Nordic

Datacloud Nordic -- Oslo, 15 October 2015

This blogpost from The Clear Cloud discusses Datacloud Nordic, a new congress highlighting the unique value of data center, cloud, and IT infrastructure across the Nordic countries.

IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine Articles

July/August 2015 issue availableCloud Computing Magazine

This special issue presents cutting-edge cross-disciplinary research on the topic of balancing cloud user privacy with legitimate surveillance and lawful data access.

Guest Editors' Introduction: Balancing Privacy with Legitimate Surveillance and Lawful Data Access

The modern business world has overseen a massive expansion in global technological capacity. This expansion has allowed us to take great strides in electronic commerce and international communication. There are downsides, however. The new technologies have opened up a vast array of avenues for criminal activity. The new technologies also carry with them intrusive capabilities, and these, too, will require policies and laws that hold accountable those who abuse them. Legislators and policymakers the world over must remain abreast of current developments, being constantly mindful of the difficulties that will challenge any society that keenly embraces new technological capacity without putting in place appropriate regulatory mechanisms and legal regimes. The following overview reviews these themes in the context of cloud technology. Read More

Containerization and the PaaS Cloud

This article discusses the requirements that arise from having to facilitate applications through distributed multicloud platforms. Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.

What's the Best Way to Purchase Cloud Services?

The economics of cloud service sales may be shifting now that the cloud has gained wider acceptance. Will consumers soon be able to buy on their own terms? Read this article from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine here.

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IEEE Cloud Computing magazine July/August issue now available.

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nternational Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom 2015) - See more at: http://www.computer.org/web/ieee-cloud-computing/publications/call-for-papers#sthash.J7oKBA2K.dpuf

Datacloud Nordic takes place October 15 in Oslo.

Int'l Conf. on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom) call for papers.