IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets 2012
11-12 October 2012
Bangalore, India

CCEM 2012 addressed the unique challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for emerging markets in a high quality event that brought together industry, government, and academic leaders in cloud computing from around the world, particularly from emerging markets.

For more information on the 2012 conference and other years, visit the IEEE CCEM conference website.



Cloud Computing: Sam Pitroda Speaks

Not just ideas, action!

Listen closely because you won't want to miss a moment of this insightful and conscientious explanation of the Indian approach to cloud computing. Sam Pitroda, the father of India's modern telephony system and champion of IT infrastructure, takes us inside the policy-making process. He explains how collaboration and an equal footing for all can lead to real social good... which is good for business, too, by the way.

Networking in the Cloud Computing Era

Nitin Vig is chief architect of Juniper's Cloud Networking Solution for Service Providers. He is responsible for the development of Juniper's buiness efforts in the cloud computing industry, specifically to increase revenue growth, field productivity, service provider relevance, and market share.

Cloud Computing Potential Role in Transforming India

Based in Bangalore, India, Pari Natarajan is a thought leader on global innovation and emerging markets. As a trusted advisor to the executive teams, Pari has been personally involved in assisting multiple companies in defining/redefining their globalization strategies.

Emerging Standards in Cloud Computing

Steve Diamond, GM Industry Standards Office, EMC, and chair of the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative speaks on emerging standards in cloud computing.

Approaches Toward Energy-Efficiency in the Cloud for Emerging Markets

Green enough to be a leap frog. According to Irwin Jacobs, Qualcomm's CEO emeritus, discovering the key to energy efficiency in computing is the most important hurdle in the advancement of new technologies. In this presentation, Deepthi Dharwar, staff software engineer at IBM India Software lab in Bangalore, offers her team's approach to reducing the carbon footprint of the modern data center. This is especially crucial if the cloud is to help emerging markets "leap frog" into the next era of computing.

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