Fog Computing

Fog FDC June 15 v4

*What is Fog?
A horizontal architecture for distributing computing, storage, control, and communication services closer to end users along the Cloud-to-Thing continuum
Complements or enables, but differs significantly from, other related technologies: SDN, NFV, Mobile Edge Computing, IoT, Big Data, …
*What Do We Propose?
Partner with the Open Fog Consortium (OpenFog) to enable, shape, and accelerate the emerging era of Fog
*What are the Activities, Goals, and Expected Outcomes?
Identify needs for, and develop, new standards required for enabling Fog
IEEE-OpenFog Annual Fog World event integrating academia and industry
Organize new Fog-related conferences, workshops, panels, journal special issues, journals
Offer speakers to Fog-related industry events
Establish IEEE’s relevance and leadership in the industry that will be re-shaped significantly by Fog
Establish IEEE as the go-to source for Fog education and training
Collaborate with OpenFog to establish Fog testbeds for academic experiments and for technology validation and demonstration needed by the industry
Channel government R&D funding to Fog research to be a leader in Fog R&D
Build an IEEE Portal on Fog to 1) integrate and deliver Fog-related information and services, 2) support outreach, and 3) organize education and training activities


Build a database for tracking Fog-related conferences, publications, education, standards, community interests, and testbed


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