I just returned from an inspiring conference in San Diego: IEEE Technology Time Machine. And not surprising, many of the talks were related to Cloud Computing. Panel discussions on IoT, big data, and security found me confirming that cloud computing is the basis for how we do computing today. If you are interested in learning about all the facets of cloud computing, I encourage you to look at the education modules in IEEE Education. Our volunteers went through all the modules as a team earlier this year and we were impressed by both the breadth and depth. If you want to learn more, subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes. I am starting a series on Entrepreneurs in the Cloud. If you are a start up and want to discuss the technical aspects of your product, please contact me at cmiyachi@alum.mit.edu. First up is Taiga Tower, a growing system that uses IoT to optimize a home garden.

Chris Miyachi, Chair, IEEE Cloud Computing Community

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