Aug 2018 - Listen to Mitalee Sarker interview the CloudPerfect project team

Jan 2016 -Listen to Sekou Remy speak with Joy Johnson, VP for Mobile at AudioCommon

Aug 2015 - Listen to Sekou Remy interview with Brian Dean about the USA Computing Olympiad and its continued use of cloud computing.

Jul 2015 - Listen to three IT professionals from different industries, Wade McPherson, Robby Goswami, and David Samuel, share their perceptions of the cloud.

Apr 2015 - Listen to the Cloudsters (IEEE Cloud Computing volunteers) discuss the IEEE Cloud Computing magazine article by Joe Weinman: "The Nuances of Cloud Economics." 

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Feature Article

image encryption 273x165

That Cloud Holding your Personal Photos? Its Security is Really a "Low Qualified Locker," Researchers say. A Better System is Proposed for your Privacy

More and more, we upload our personal photos to the cloud to store and edit them because our smartphones can't handle the space or workload.... ...

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Technology Spotlight

Clear Cloud High Performance Big Data and Analytics

Cloud Solution Quality Monitoring and Evaluation with QoE Tool

In the frame of H2020 CloudPerfect research project, ICCS team delivers tools in order to help Cloud Adopters select and evaluate their cloud solutions. One of the tools produced in the context of CloudPerfect project is the Quality of Experience tool(QoE). ...

IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine

mag dec 18

November/December 2018

Reengineering Cloud Data Centers

Learn how to get involved with Cloud compuing as an individual,  the oppotunities afforded by an edge marketplace, how to meet the increasing demands of cloud data centers and more...