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August 2018 - Podcast with Isabel Matranga, Fotis Aisopos, Benjamin Leroy, and Fabio Vicenza. Listen Now.

January 2016 - Podcast with Joy Johnson. Listen now. (MP3, 8.59 MB)
  • Sekou Remy speaks with Joy Johnson, VP for Mobile at AudioCommon, who shares her view of opportunities and challenges with cloud and Web technologies.

 August 2015 - Podcast with Brian Dean. Listen now. (MP3, 4.1 MB)

  • Sekou Remy speaks with Brian Dean about the USA Computing Olympiad and its continued use of cloud computing. Click here for more information on the USACO.
July 2015 - Podcast with Wade McPherson, Robby Goswami, and David Samuel. Listen now. (MP3, 14.1 MB)
  • Three IT professionals from different industries share their perceptions of the cloud. Sekou L. Remy interviews Wade McPherson, Robby Goswami, and David Samuel.
April 2015 - Podcast with Cloudsters (IEEE Cloud Computing volunteers). Listen now. (MP3, 14.2 MB)
  • The theory and the practice of cloud economics encompass numerous challenges, ranging from the practical to the theoretical. Cloudsters (IEEE Cloud Computing volunteers) discuss the IEEE Cloud Computing magazine article by Joe Weinman: "The Nuances of Cloud Economics." 
9 Mar 2015 - Podcast with Chad Jenkins. Listen now (MP3, 5.1 MB)
  • Sekou Remy speaks with Chad Jenkins of Brown University who shares one roboticist's view of opportunities and challenges with Cloud and Web technologies.
19 Feb 2015 - Podcast with Barbara Aichinger. Listen now (MP3, 11 MB)
  • In this podcast, Christine Miyachi and Barbara Aichinger discuss the hardware of cloud computing.
02 Feb 2015 - Podcast with Sekou Remy. Listen now (MP3, 6 MB)
  • Christine Miyachi interviews Sekou Remy and in this podcast, we discuss a new model of cloud computing. See presentation here with podcast.
30 Dec 2014 - Podcast with Brian Dean. Listen now (MP3, 3.34 MB) 3 Dec 2014 - Podcast with Robert Ricci. Listen now (MP3, 4.92 MB) 14 Nov 2014 - Podcast with Kathy Grise, Program Director, IEEE Cloud Computing. Listen now (MP3, 6.90 MB)
  • Kathy Grise talks about the creation of the Cloud Computing Initiative and her new project the Big Data Initiative.  We discuss changes in the Cloud Computing landscape over the three years of the initiative.
13 Nov 2014 - Podcast with Chunming Rong, Chair, CS STC CC. Listen Now (MP3, 10.8 MB)
  • Christine Miyachi interviews Chunming Rong, Professor at the University of Stavanger, as they discuss his research in cloud accountability and his work on the STC for Cloud Computing, where he is currently the chair.
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