January / February 2014

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CLOUDSCAPE Newsletter - January/February 2014

In This Issue:

Message from the Chair

By Chris Miyachi

Welcome to our 2nd edition of Cloud-Link. We had a great reception to our last issue and we will continue to release these every few months. Stay tuned for some in depth discussions on these articles on LinkedIn.

Chris Miyachi
Chair, STC CC

Call For Paper Opportunities

Message from the Cloud-Link Editors

By Henry Chan, Victor Leung, Jens Jensen, and Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk

This issue of Cloud-Link is about mobile cloud computing, which is a cloud computing topic that is gaining interest recently. Two special magazine issues and six related articles have been selected to provide a general overview of the recent works on mobile cloud computing in different aspects. In general, mobile cloud computing seeks to enhance mobile computing using the immense and scalable cloud computing resources to provide more effective services (e.g., through offloading mobile applications to run in the cloud). The special issue on “Mobile Cloud Computing” of IEEE Wireless Communications (published in June 2013) includes seven articles, covering applications/services, communications and migration of virtual machines. Another special issue on “Cloud-assisted Mobile Computing and Pervasive Services” of IEEE Network (published in September/October 2013) includes nine articles. They generally cover three main areas: mobile cloud computing architectures, computation offloading methods and cloud assisted applications/services. The survey paper “A Review on Distributed Application Processing Frameworks in Smart Mobile Devices for Mobile Cloud Computing” reviews distributed application processing frameworks to facilitate application offloading. The paper “Energy-Optimal Mobile Cloud Computing under Stochastic Wireless Channel” studies an offloading algorithm with the aim of saving energy under a stochastic wireless networking environment. One potential application of mobile cloud computing is to support multimedia services. The papers “Adaptive Mobile Cloud Computing to Enable Rich Mobile Multimedia Applications” and “A Network and Device Aware QoS Approach for Cloud-Based Mobile Streaming” study the use of mobile cloud computing to support rich mobile multimedia applications and mobile streaming services, respectively. To develop effective mobile streaming service, it is important to understand the traffic characteristics at the servers. The paper “Measurement and Analysis of an Internet Streaming Service to Mobile Devices” studies this important issue. Last but not least, the paper “CAM: Cloud-Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring” studies a cloud-based mobile health monitoring service with the focus of ensuring privacy and enhancing security.

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Selected Cloud-Link Articles

Measurement and Analysis of an Internet Streaming Service to Mobile Devices

By Yao Liu, Fei Li, Lei Guo, Bo Shen, Songqing Chen and Yingjie Lan

Receiving Internet streaming services on various mobile devices is getting increasingly popular, and cloud platforms have also been gradually employed for delivering streaming services to mobile devices ...

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Energy-Optimal Mobile Cloud Computing under Stochastic Wireless Channel

By Weiwen Zhang, Yonggang Wen, Guan, K., Kilper, D., Haiyun Luo and Wu, D.O.

This paper provides a theoretical framework of energy-optimal mobile cloud computing under stochastic wireless channel. Our objective is to conserve energy for the mobile device, by optimally executing mobile applications in the mobile device (i.e., mobile execution) or offloading ...

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A Review on Distributed Application Processing Frameworks in Smart Mobile Devices for Mobile Cloud Computing

By Shiraz, M., Gani, A., Khokhar, R.H. and Buyya, R.

The latest developments in mobile devices technology have made smartphones as the future computing and service access devices. Users expect to run computational intensive applications on Smart Mobile Devices (SMDs) in the same way as powerful stationary computers. However ...

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CAM: Cloud-Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring

By Huang Lin, Jun Shao, Chi Zhang and Yuguang Fang

Cloud-assisted mobile health (mHealth) monitoring, which applies the prevailing mobile communications and cloud computing technologies to provide feedback decision support, has been considered as a revolutionary approach to improving the quality of healthcare service while lowering the healthcare cost. Unfortunately ...

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Adaptive Mobile Cloud Computing to Enable Rich Mobile Multimedia Applications

By Shaoxuan Wang, La Jolla and Dey, S.

With worldwide shipments of smartphones (487.7 million) exceeding PCs (414.6 million including tablets) in 2011, and in the US alone, more users predicted to access the Internet from mobile devices than from PCs by 2015, clearly there is a desire to be able to use mobile devices and networks like ...

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A Network and Device Aware QoS Approach for Cloud-Based Mobile Streaming

By Chin-Feng Lai, Honggang Wang, Han-Chieh Chao and Guofang Nan

Cloud multimedia services provide an efficient, flexible, and scalable data processing method and offer a solution for the user demands of high quality and diversified multimedia. As intelligent mobile phones and wireless networks become more and more popular, network services for users are no longer limited to the home ...

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