November / December 2013

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CLOUDSCAPE Newsletter - November/December 2013

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By Chris Miyachi

Greetings to the STC on Cloud Computing!

We have an exciting newsletter in store for you. We have rolled out our first Cloud-Link - a collaboration with the Cloud Computing Initiative. Cloud-Link, led by our board member Henry Chan, has gathered a distinguished set of experts as editors to gather articles on a special cloud subject. This Cloud-Link issue is dedicated to Cloud Security. The articles will be fully available to you for a limited time. We are starting a discussion group on several of the articles on LinkedIn so see the links in the newsletter if you want to continue the discussion on the articles. Every six weeks or so we will be changing the focus. Let us know - what subjects would you like to see covered in Cloud-Link? Email me at with your ideas.

Most of our activities are done collaboratively with the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative, also known as the CCI. Along with our volunteer web site ( we have an on-ramp page on the CCI here: You can get easy access to our blog posts, podcasts and other interesting items. Our strategy and planning documents as well as the STC Cloud Computing Board Meeting minutes are located here:

Would you like to help us? See our open volunteer positions here.

Introduction to Cloud-Link

By Henry Chan, Victor Leung, Jens Jensen, and Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk

Welcome to Cloud-Link!

Cloud-Link is a collaborative effort between the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative (IEEE CCI) and the IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Special Technical Community (IEEE CS CC STC). The aim of Cloud-Link is to provide a collection of recently published IEEE journal/magazine articles on a popular cloud computing topic (i.e., a themed website for selected articles). The first issue is on "Cloud Security", which is one of the most important areas in cloud computing. Tentatively, the next two issues will be: "Mobile Cloud Computing" (January/February 2014) and "Big Data" (March/April 2014).

Cloud-Link has several meanings in connection with its three "link" objectives:
  • Link articles together - it provides a single web interface to allow convenient access to some recent articles on popular topics in cloud computing
  • Link to IEEE Xplore - people can access the full articles in IEEE Xplore through the article links
  • Link people together - hopefully, people who are interested in the articles can meet through social media and discuss the articles, fostering collaboration

We hope that Cloud-Link can provide various contributions to the technical community on cloud computing. Researchers can conveniently access recent articles on popular cloud computing topics. Students can obtain good references for starting research work. People in industry and commerce can get a general overview of recent research and development activities (e.g., for planning purposes).

Articles in each Cloud-Link issue are selected collectively by an editorial team, taking into account various considerations (e.g., variety, relevance). Note that the list of articles is not meant to be exhaustive (because, unfortunately, we cannot list all articles). However, it is hoped that the selected articles will provide a general overview and useful references for you to further explore popular areas of cloud computing. There are many other good articles (including conference papers) in IEEE Xplore, and you are encouraged to search for these articles using IEEE Xplore as well.

Cloud-Link is supported by an editorial team with enthusiastic volunteers. We would like to thank the assistant editors for their efforts and contributions. We would also like to thank IEEE CCI, IEEE CS CC STC, and everyone involved for their help and support. In particular, we would like to thank Kathy Grise for making various arrangements, Christopher Franzino for designing and supporting the website, and Christine Miyachi and Chunming Rong for giving valuable advice.

Cloud-Link is still in its infant stage. We welcome any suggestions for improvement. If you have any suggestions/comments or if you would like the editorial team to consider some good articles for the next two issues, please feel free to contact Henry Chan, Editor of Cloud-Link, at

Enjoy Cloud-Link!

Henry Chan, Victor Leung, Jens Jensen and Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk
Editor and Associate Editors

Visit Cloud-Link to read more.

Selected Cloud-Link Articles

An Efficient and Secure Dynamic Auditing Protocol for Data Storage in Cloud Computing

By Kan Yang and Xiaohua Jia

In cloud computing, data owners host their data on cloud servers and users (data consumers) can access the data from cloud servers. Due to the data outsourcing ... Visit Cloud-Link to read more.

NICE: Network Intrusion Detection and Countermeasure Selection in Virtual Network Systems

By Chun-Jen Chung, P. Khatkar, Tianyi Xing, Jeongkeun Lee, and Dijiang Huang

Cloud security is one of most important issues that has attracted a lot of research and development effort in past few years. Particularly, attackers can ... Visit Cloud-Link to read more.

Security and Privacy-Enhancing Multicloud Architectures

By Jens-Matthias Bohli, Nils Gruschka, Meiko Jensen, Luigi Lo Iacono, and Ninja Marnau

Security challenges are still among the biggest obstacles when considering the adoption of cloud services. This triggered a lot of research activities, resulting in ... Visit Cloud-Link to read more. 

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