Cloud Standards Articles

A collection of articles focusing on cloud computing standards

Testing the Practicality of the Intercloud--Interconnectedly

For its advocates, the idea of an Intercloud--an open system connecting cloud computing providers on an equal basis--is simply one more example of how open architecture creates opportunities for everybody.

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Sri Chandrasekaran: Spearheading Standards Development in India

By Amanda Davis

Senior regional program manager takes on vital role

"India’s technology sector has been growing by leaps and bounds, and standards development activities have followed suit, especially during the past decade. Sri Chandrasekaran has witnessed this growth firsthand. As chair of the IEEE-Standards Association (IEEE-SA)’s first Standards Interest Group, he has spent the past two years helping to promote the country’s standards development activities in areas such as the smart grid, cloud computing, and telecommunications."

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Cutter IT Journal: Cloud Computing Standards (Vol. 25, No. 8)

While significant barriers to cloud services adoption remain -- security, reliability, interoperability, and vendor lock-in among the top concerns -- cloud computing represents a game-changing paradigm shift in the industry as consumers (and the enterprises they serve) cry out for a broadened set of standards in areas where standards have never existed before. Will a body of standards benefit or hinder enterprise adoption of cloud services? Join Guest Editor Mitchell Ummel and his host of expert authors as they tackle this conversation head-on in this new issue of Cutter IT Journal.

- Opening Statement by Mitchell Ummel
- Keep It Simple! Framing Cloud Computing with Agency Theory by Carlos Viniegra
- Seeing the Future of Cloud Computing Standards by Duff Bailey and Jeffrey Wu
- A Standard Isn't a Document -- It's a Process by David R. Bernstein
- Cloud Standards? It's the Users, Stupid! by Claude R. Baudoin
- An Open Source Approach to IaaS Cloud Standards by Beth Cohen
- CARMA: The Open Cloud Standard by Aditya Watal


The IEEE's Cloud Computing Initiative: Chair Steve Diamond explains its aims

By Nick Hardiman

Nick Hardiman interviewed Steve Diamond, Chair of the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative to find out more about its goals for creating a cloud standard.

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Charting a course for the cloud: The role of the IEEE

By Nick Hardiman

Nick Hardiman takes a look at the evolving cloud computing standard. Is an industry-wide standard possible? Who has the authority to issue standards?

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Standards for Seamless Cloud Computing

By Kathy Kowalenko

Working groups focus on portability and interoperability

"As more companies, government agencies, and consumers adopt cloud technologies, they’re encountering turbulence along the way. The problems include multiple file formats, applications that fail to operate with each other, and the inability to move data from one cloud-service vendor to another. To help clear the way, IEEE Standards Association working groups have been focusing for the past year on writing a cloud portability road map and producing an inter​­operability standard. The IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative is leading both efforts. More than 45 people are involved in the working groups."

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Interview with David Bernstein 

David Bernstein, founder and working group chairman of IEEE's P2301: Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles and P2302: Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation, sheds light on Cloud Computing and its role in the development of the Smart Grid.

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Bringing Standards to the Burgeoning Cloud

By Kathy Kowalenko

IEEE works to keep new cloud computing platforms running smoothly

"As Apple, Amazon, Google, and other companies race to offer cloud-based systems for storage, synchronization, and all sorts of applications, they're encountering several pitfalls along the way. The not-unexpected hurdles include a plethora of file formats, applications that fail to operate with each other, and the inability to move data from one cloud-service vendor to another. To help resolve such problems, IEEE has launched the Cloud Computing Initiative, the first broad-based project for the cloud to be introduced by a global professional association."

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